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Party while you’re (they’re) young!

This opportunity for your special celebration will never happen again! 🎉

If there is one thing that we have learned in the last few years, it is to embrace THE PRESENT! 

So let’s gather today and celebrate! Let’s make special memories! Let’s seize the day!

People and relationships is the most precious thing in the world – everything else will fade away!
So celebrate the special ones in your life! Throw a fun event that gathers people together! Whatever you have in mind, our advice is JUST DO IT 🎉

And if you’d like to call in the celebration experts (that’s us!) we would be so privileged to be part of your special day! Let us speak the magic word – JingJangJooJong  and bring our brand of magic to your important occasion!  🎉

Our brand of traditional party style children’s entertainment – but brought into the 2020s – still delights young children 💖 And if you’re after something a bit different to a traditional party, we work with independent entertainers who bring all sorts to the party table – to ensure your event is a hit with young and old! 🎉

Most of our parties are 2 hours but we do have different options such as princess pop ins.
Most of our 2 hour entertainers do general (non-character/themed) parties which includes 30mins for food whilst we entertain in some manner one to one.
But we can do bespoke events – just make an enquiry now!

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Get in touch,
get excited,
get your party on 🤩🎉


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The fab entertainers of JingJangJooJong!