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Party Options

1) Crystal package

Crystal package – from £90 (when booked with another entertainer)

30min princess pop in
Do you want a surprise guest to come and sing and happy birthday to your child? This is the option for you! Fill in our enquiry form and tell us who you’d like to visit and our talented performers will make the magic happen 💖
Our princesses bring the following entertainment package:

  • Meet and greet
  • Small gift for the birthday child
  • Happy birthday
  • Singalong
  • Character will join in with any of your games and dancing YOU have organised/ are running
  • Photo opportunitiesFrom £90 when booked alongside another of our entertainers/performers

Are you after a superhero lookalike? You may wish to try our friends Prime Mascots for Spiderman and all your other favourite masked marvels (and mascots) 😄

2) Bronze package

Bronze package – from £145

1 hour princess character party OR female superhero character party! (Last minute 1 hour non-themed parties sometimes available too)

If you’re on a budget, a timeline or you want a singing princess, this is the option for you! Great for small numbers as well as larger parties, this option works best when the children have just arrived to the party and before they eat (but can happen any time).

  • ‘Pop up party’ (ie minimal set up. We bring music, speaker and mic)
  • Meet and greet
  • Princess parties: Storytelling, Songs from the shows, Princess training, Royal ball/dancing
  • Hero parties: Hero training (through action songs, magic (superpowers), storytelling
  • General party (only available last minute): Traditional birthday party fun, magic and lots, lots more!
  • Party games
  • Dancing
  • Happy birthday
  • Prizes and music
  • Photo opportunities
  • Small gift for the birthday child
  • Flyer to take home
  • Add £5 per extra birthday child if a joint party
  • You are welcome to provide your own pass the parcel if you’d like this played.
3) Silver package

Silver package – from £190

2 hour party hosted from start to finish by one of our fab children’s entertainers.

These are generally at our preferred start times (to allow for entertainer to take multiple bookings) of 11am or earlier, 3pm or anytime later.

We have what it takes to keep a class full (or more) of children busy and having fun from start to finish! All our 2 hour parties include your food time in the middle (this is when we usually do the ballooning) and parents of guests also love 2 hour parties as they’re not too short or long! We know how to plan the pace of the fun to make each child feel included, engaged and energised! Trust us, this is what we do!!

Here is what a silver package entails (please also check out the gold):

  • ‘Pop up’ party (ie – minimal equipment so entertainer can carry in all equipment in one journey and set up instantly,  usually arriving ten minutes before the guests, bringing music, speaker & mic)
  • Meet and greet
  • Balloon gift or small gift for the birthday child
  • Action songs, party games, pass the parcel type game plus small prize for each child (usually vegetarian sweets)
  • Magic
  • Balloon sword for each child
  • Happy birthday
  • Mini disco
  • Bubbles
  • Prizes (usually balloon prizes)
  • Flyer to take home
  • Price is for under 40 children (which must include any uninvited siblings who attend on the day too, as we do not know who is on the guest list or not. We love larger parties too, usually £10-£20 more total)
  • £5 per extra birthday child if for more than one child
  • Price will increase on distance from entertainer’s home address (not by loads.)
  • £30 for extra 30mins, £50 for an extra hour.

Do you want disco lights, snow machine, lots of extras? Check out our gold packages!

4) Gold Package

Gold package – from £255

2 hour party hosted from start to finish by one of our senior children’s entertainers

If you want all the bells and whistles, our experienced entertainers have what it takes! This option includes All the SILVER package listed above PLUS some or all of the following (please see team bios as each team member’s package vary):

  • Disco light(s) and our JJJJ roller banners
  • Snow machine (depending on entertainer)
  • Fun inflatable costumes for a couple of adults to wear!
  • Extra prizes and/or balloon requests
  • Longer set up and down time to allow for all the set up
  • Extra fuss made of the birthday child before the guests arrive!
  • Little gift for the birthday mum/organiser!
  • Please add £5 per extra birthday child if for more than one child
  • Extra cost may apply if in the middle of the day, far from entertainer’s home, and over 40 children.

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Special Occasions

Weddings, Baby’s first birthday or Christening, pub and club Christmas parties, family gatherings, playgroup and nursery parties, library story times, parent and toddler group parties, school and community fun days, galas, Easter and Halloween parties – whatever the occasion allow us to deliver fab children’s party entertainment that ticks the box for a wide age range!

Our entertainers are all super experienced, energetic, talented and resourceful – your children will be engaged and joining in from start to finish!