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Party Themes

STOP PRESS: You don’t need to have a theme! 

Okay, so you might like one, but in our extensive experience, when children say they want a Minecraft party, or Baby Shark or Roblox or Spiderman or even a cow dog zebra party (yes, that was Joy’s 3yo’s very unyielding request!) what they really mean is that they want cake, balloons and paper plates in that theme! Oh, and to maybe dress up too. That’s it!

If you would really like a character to host your party, mostly we recommend you choose a bronze (one hour) or crystal (30 min) package – certainly the best option for princess appearances.
If you would like a mascot pop in, we highly recommend our friends at Prime Parties and Mascots, Leeds.

If you would like a 2 hour party with us – our most popular and recommended packages, and have a theme in mind, please read on…

We have done a million, cajillion different themes over the years but guess what – we have found that   ‘general’ party entertainment by our entertainers not dressed up as characters works best for the majority of guests who attend a 2 hour party. (Feel free to book a character for a one hour party however.)

As experienced entertainers, we know that:

🥳 not everyone has played Roblox or are so into Miraculous or Scooby Doo that they understand the nuances of the games and references made in a themed party;
🥳 children aged 4 and under do not understand themed games/ characters. They just need our expertise in providing the activities and approach that is suitable for that age range without a cumbersome or scary costume! Let us provide the best possible party entertainment for preschoolers!
🥳 some boys will immediately switch off if they see a princess leading the party. We are fab at what we do, but it can be harder for us initially to make them feel part of the party;
🥳 long dresses, wigs and non-breathable superhero fabrics get in the way of us bringing all our energy;
🥳 some characters such as Mrs Incredible and Elsa look great, but are ‘sensible’ and don’t have the silly/ fun/ energy that our 2 hour parties are so famous for.

So all in all, 90% of the time, we recommend the entertainer of a 2 hour party comes as their default character – eg Sunshine Sarah, Fairy Liquid (Joy), Pixie Snows (Caroline), Stephtacular etc. They can still do games and music that match your theme but you can trust them to provide the max amount of fun!

We do make exceptions, however, so keep reading if you want a 2 hour themed party! Most character parties are hosted by Caroline so book early to avoid disappointment!

Our most popular themed parties

Birthday Bash Party (not themed). Click here

All your favourite party activities but brought up to date! Our usual entertainment is traditional and new party games, mini disco, magic, ballooning – great for a wide variety of ages.

Pirates (and Mermaids) Party. Click here.

Avast me hearties! and get ready to hoist the anchor… This is one of our most popular paaaaaarties and many of the entertainers’ personal favourite! Includes treasure hunt, pirate training, parrot puppet and all your fave trad-ish games themed in.

Can also be combined with Neverland/Peter Pan/Mermaid theme. If you have a child who wants more of a mermaid emphasis, do let us know, otherwise it will have a heavy pirate emphasis.

Princess (and Heroes) Party. Click here.

Book a character entertainer who can host as a specific princess and she will provide games and activities creatively drawing in the theme from start to finish! Alternatively our entertainers who don’t dress according to the specific theme still can play themed games and music, so no problem there.

Or if you’d like a singing princess, book a bronze package with our princesses which include singing, storytelling, photos; less emphasis on keeping the children busy, more of an experience  💖

Heroes (and Princess) Party. Click here.

Book an entertainer  to train the children up as heroes, creatively incorporating all the energy, party games, action songs, magic (and ballooning) we can cram into the 2 hours! If you’d like a character entertainer, check out the ‘Meet the team‘ page for our entertainers and their character options.

Unicorn/ Rainbows/ Trolls Party. Click here.

Featuring all the party favourites – unicorn style – from pass the parcel, musical statues, magic and so on, to themed games and fabulous unicorn balloon! Suitable for boys and girls. Caroline and Joy are recommended for this theme where available.

Christmas, halloween and Easter Parties. Click here.

We need to do a separate section for this but check out our Maleficent and Ghostbuster characters, also Elf characters for Christmas parties!

We also like these

Disco/Dance Party. Click here.

Allow us to lead the way with a fun mini-disco party combining dance-offs, musical games and all the old faves from The Fast Food Song to Cha Cha Slide! Expect high energised interaction that will leave you gasping! This is a theme for a birthday boy/girl who loves to disco and has specifically asked for mainly dancing/music!

Harry Potter Party. Click here.

Caroline is our choice for this one! Includes potions, fun and creativity that will leave you and your guests spellbound!

Magic Party. Click here.

We recommend Magic Paul for this one who has a 30min family show that will astound all ages! He also does ballooning and can provide music. If you’d like a games package too, he can throw in a few games sometimes.

Star Wars Party. Click here.

Let Princess Leia or Rae recruit and train the young Jedis. So much fun for boys and girls alike, not to mention the dads! All the party favourites combined with the magic of a Jedi mind sweep!

Frozen Party. Click here.

Lots of Frozen themed party games and music with the quintessential sing-along of that song! Suitable for boys and girls. If you just want a bit of reference to Frozen, that can be incorporated into the princesses and heroes theme!

Dinosaur / Dragon Party. Click here.

Go on an epic hunt for those elusive creatures! Creative, entertaining games, songs and activities complete with daft dino costume (click on ‘gallery’ to see the pic!) Of course it is always suitable for boys and girls, includes all the party favourites from games, pass the parcel, mini disco and magic, oh and ballooning of course! Caroline comes as Flora the Explorer and brings an inflatable T Rex for this one. Joy and Stephtacular can bring their silly inflatable dino-ride on costume to add a visual element to their 2 hour parties.

Encanto party. Click here.

With Sarah performing as ‘Miracle’ this theme ticks the box for boys as well as girls! We LOVE it!

Super Mario Party. Click here.

Caroline dresses as Mario and has the kids join in all the madcap fun!

Pokemon Party. Click here.

Dressed as a Pokemon trainer, Caroline brings a fun, interactive package that all kids enjoy! Book her for the gold package for the enormous Pikachu and Charazid inflatable costumes!

Other themes

We have done a huge number of different themed children’s parties over the years from:

  • Cheerleaders v Ninja parties
  • Dr Who
  • Toy story/Disney – with appearances such as Fizz Lightyear (Buzz’s female cousin)
  • Mr Men parties
  • Minecraft
  • Scooby Doo
  • Balloon workshops
  • Knights and Maidens/Robin Hood party
  • Teddy Bears Picnic party
  • and so on.

If you’d like a party not listed above, we can either make reference to your theme (e.g mentioning LOL OMG Dolls, Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig etc) – this option is free of charge. However, if you’d like a fully-thought-through theme, with all games and activities as far as possible tying in with the theme, this starts at just £25 extra. We can of course quote for extra props, costumes etc that need to be brought in, should you wish. Our creativity is pretty expansive, you decide on the budget!