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Health and Safety

We put the children’s safety as paramount but we like to adopt a common sense approach.

There will always be risks in life – we cannot bubble wrap ourselves up! So at the beginning of each party when we have everyone’s attention, the following health and safety announcements are given (where appropriate). We accept no liability for injury or damage sustained directly or indirectly whilst we are at a party. We give the H & S announcements around 15mins into the party when we anticipate most people have arrived (before is too early and after is too late!)

Children are your responsibility

We provide the entertainment but we ask that parents and carers remember that the children are their responsibility at all times.

We also ask the main contact of the party:

Have you considered a safe ratio of children:adults?

Fire exits:

Please familiarise yourselves with fire exits and procedures of the venue, should anything untoward occur. We also point them out when we give the H&S announcements.

Do not cross the ‘magic line’

Depending on the venue, quite often the PA and equipment is placed on a table in the vicinity of the children. We put masking tape on the floor to create a boundary which we ask no-one to cross and request that parents help with ensuring their children do not cross it for their own safety.


Our balloons are 100% latex which means they are biodegradable and digestible if eaten. However, due to a small potential choking hazard we always ask the chidren and adults to pick up any burst balloons and rubbish and put it in the bin to safeguard babies and tots. We give balloons to any age of child although it’s at the parent’s discretion for under 3s. We expect parents/carers to supervise the children at all times.

Allergies/ vegetarians

Quite often the sweets we hand out have gelatine in them. We ask that parents make their children known to us at the beginning of the party if their child has sensitivities and/or doesn’t eat gelatine so we do not inadvertently compromise their wellbeing. It is advantageous if the person organising the party acquires this information via the invitation RSVP slip. We also often have chocolate coins so at the beginning of the party we would ask parents if all children can eat chocolate. However, it is the responsibility of the parents/carers to ensure that children do not eat contraband edibles, and are safe with wrappers etc.


Occasionally we bring glowsticks with us. We always tell the children not to put them in their mouths and it is at the parent’s discretion that under 3s are allowed them although we will not knowingly offer them to under 3s ourselves. Safety information is available on the packaging of the glowsticks and they present no potential hazard if the gel is ingested, gets on skin or in eyes – just needs washing off with cold water. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to supervise any guests with all prizes we supply.

Bubbles and Snow Machine

If a bubble machine is in operation, we try to put it out of reach although this is not always possible, so we therefore ask children not to touch it and for adults to back us up in this! It is not dangerous but interfering with the mechanism can cause it to not work properly.

We also carry towels and wipes in case of spillages or wet floors and ask people to be aware that the floor may get slippery, at which point we will turn off the machine to clean up. It may be worth asking the venue manager if it is okay to have a bubble machine. We accept no responsibility for injury or damage sustained in any way. Children may get bubbles in their eyes (in which case just wash out with water) but the alternative is to hide away our children and never let them experience anything! (Can you tell I hate red tape?!)

We have a full risk assessment. If you would like to see it, please just contact us.