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Zero2Hero Course

We are pleased to announce though that the full course is complete and ready for purchase and people across the world have already been enjoying and making use of it!

Joy’s workbook includes everything she would mentor one of her local team in with full party programmes plus more! It’s tried and tested material that can work in your setting too!
Plus Joy is continually adding to the party programmes, creating themed parties, scripts, magic routines and more!

This also gives you access to an private online community on Discord, where you can ask questions to the group or to Joy as well as video chat etc.

Here are a couple of reviews from the first intake!

Lilja, Germany (face painting and basic balloon background)

“Joy, I absolutely loved the easy to use 6-week plan overview as well as the beautifully presented and thorough manual. I loved the accountability with the weekly check-ins and being part of a group. I really liked using Discord too for the community side.”

Martin, Germany (balloon and juggler hobbyist wanting to take things a step further) 

“I was blown away by the course content – it was so thorough. I was not expecting the manual – it was such a bonus on top of all the content and the mentoring. Everything was so professional and enjoyable. I loved your authentic but fun approach – I was a fan before and even more of one now!”

And click here to see the ‘Zero2Hero’ LMEU Full Manual contents page
Watch Joy’s detailed video explaining the course

Worth over £3,995 this is currently on sale at just £595 whilst we finish some technical elements and extra content creation – a fantastic opportunity up for grabs!

(And should you not have the full amount at hand right now, don’t forget you can use any card on PayPal.)


Zero2Hero Course