Terms and Conditions

  1. A deposit is required to secure your booking. £25 of this (or the full value of your deposit if less than this figure) is non-returnable should you cancel the party at any time. The remainder of the deposit will be returned to you should the cancellation be made 4 weeks or more before the date of the party. Cancellations after this time will forfeit the full deposit. We will of course work with you where possible to secure an alternative date should you wish. If you book us for a party held within 11 months of the cancelled party, we will just deduct the amount already paid from the total of the new party!
  2. Balance of the payment must be made on the day in cash to the entertainer before the party starts.
  3. Due to other bookings on the same day, it is very important the agreed start and finish times are adhered to. Should you, on the day, wish the entertainer to start later or remain longer, this is at the discretion of the entertainer and all extra time is payable at their rate (£25 per 30mins or part thereof extra for entertainers) Of course, we will endeavour to move start times around in advance for no cost where possible.
  4. We make every effort to attend your event and usually will contact you a few days prior to the event to check any last minute arrangements and give you peace of mind that all is set. However feel free to contact us at anytime. It’s hugely important that we receive a mobile number we can contact you on on the day.
  5. We reserve the right to change the entertainer at no notice. Whilst of course we would do our utmost to supply the same one as originally booked, should there be illness or another reason they cannot attend, we will supply another of our entertainers to take their place if necessary (who will provide the same programme).
  6. In over 1000 parties we have only ever had one glitch (in which we successfully provided alternative arrangements), but if some terrible unforeseeable event occurred meaning no-one could attend, we would firstly inform you as soon as possible, try to make alternative arrangements, and return any monies to you (in this case including the full deposit). However we cannot guarantee we’d be able to find you alternative arrangements, although we are confident you will receive the best service possible as we go the extra mile to make amends.
  7. In the unlikely event that due to any unforeseeable circumstance we are unexpectedly late arriving (this has only happened on a handful occasions in over 1000 parties – it’s not our plan and mainly due to traffic incidences!!) we will either offer a respective discount or continue for the same amount afterwards if possible. (Does not apply for snow however - see below)
  8. Wherever possible, confirmation of booking and party details should be made via email with a contact telephone number.
  9. Whilst we risk assess all our activities and make them as safe as possible (see health and safety) we accept no liability for loss, injury or damage sustained whilst we are present and reiterate that the children are the sole responsibility of the parents/ carers.
  10. SNOW AND ICE – We have only ever been late starting a party by 5-10mins due to snow/ice, however, this was me (Joy) and it was my decision to brave the elements. Although I would expect my entertainers to make every effort to get to a party, I cannot put them at risk, and if they deem it too dangerous to get to your party I have to support them in their decision. In this event, you will be refunded any monies minus £25 admin cost (as above in no.1). We would work with you to find an alternative date where possible, and the £25 fee or deposit taken would be subtracted from another booking made within 11months. It is worth mentioning here also that the PA system malfunctioned between two parties on one of these occasions - the cold affected the electrics and the music was affected. We have taken precautions to avoid this situation again, but in these exceptional circumstances we can only do our best! Thank you for your understanding.