1What sort of thing do you do?
Games orientated age-appropriate children’s parties – your traditional party games plus more, all tied in with the chosen theme where relevant. Plus a little magic and balloons for each child (we also provide much more but this is a typical children’s party).
2Do you come out to me?
Yes – we will travel to your venue be it your house or hired hall etc.
3What if I only want someone to do balloons or facepainting?
That’s fine – we can book one of our painters for your event and recommend the balloon modeller.
4Do I need to provide prizes?
All prizes for games and pass the parcel are provided by us. You need to provide the venue, cake, food, decorations and party bags (unless you order our cool party cones).
5Do you do party bags?
We do our own fabulously unique and funky fish and chip newspaper cones with personalised message and photo! Or alternatively, check out The Little Treasure Box co for high quality supplies from one of JingJangJooJong’s previous clients!
6How can I pay?
We accept payment by bank transfer (BACS) - this is free! We are also set up for PayPal which means you can pay the deposit by debit/credit card (with or without a PayPal account) for a small charge. The balance is usually payable in cash on the day. (We do not accept cheques anymore).
7What age groups do you cover?
We do all age groups – you can be assured that the activities offered will suit the age range of the guests. We also do our best to keep all ages entertained although our focus is on the children and what suits their needs (so don’t expect adults to be too overawed by the magic!).
8Is the price less if we have less children?
The prices normally quoted are for up under 40 children (although you can have many more attend). Set up costs/ travel time and many of the activities remain the same for a smaller group as they are for a larger. It’s not much more for 40+ guests – but you don’t have to supply us with exact figures – we know it’s so hard to gauge these things if you’re inviting the whole class plus family!
9Do you have insurance and are you police checked? What about PAT testing?
Yes and yes. We have public liability insurance and enhanced CRBs. All the equipment used is PAT tested where relevant.
10What makes you different from other entertainers, magicians or clowns?
We would hope that the party is the best one your child will have in that it is highly interactive and covers all bases – party games, music, puppets, magic, ballooning, dancing and so on. It’s not a sit down show but an opportunity for every child to engage in games and activities and feel special. In some themes we make the whole party an adventure.
11Some other party entertainers offer loads of themes, why don’t you?
In short, for us, we like to focus our time and talents on delivering just a few excellent, fully developed themes. Joy can accommodate other requests due to her extensive experience, but in the main, we encourage you to choose from our list of themes (and non-themes!).
You can still theme your party further by use of crockery/ decorations etc should you wish. If you want a brand new theme, prices start from £25.
12Do I need to supply music? Are you a DJ?
We will bring a PA suitable for most halls. We are sensitive to the needs of the children and are careful regarding the volume.
We are not DJs and do not carry the same amount of equipment, lighting etc. ! With us you get more than just music though – you get dancing and games and fun and energy. We know all the latest (and older!) dances and can impress the girls with our moves (still – lol!) and also keep the boys involved (to most people’s amazement!)
13We are a charity – will you donate your time for our event?
Unlike most other professions, we have only the weekend to work, so we need to maximise our bookings! We value our skilled entertainers highly and believe we will add sparkle and magic to your event that is worth your charity fundraising for! Why not approach some big businesses and ask them for sponsorship towards the event?
14Why are you called JingJangJooJong?
The short story is that during pregnancy, strange things happened to Joy’s mind and she had to make up words that her brain lost. Joojong was one of them! (It means ‘thingy-me-jig’!)
15What areas do you cover?
Areas covered in West Yorkshire include Dewsbury and the surrounding districts, Ossett, Brighouse, Huddersfield, Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Castleford, Pontefract and Barnsley.We can travel further too – Otley, Ilkley, Keighley, Wetherby, even Doncaster.
We are based in Dewsbury and are willing to travel an hour's distance away.
Click here for more details
16Are your prices worth it?
We really don’t like to be proud and blow our own trumpets because that is not who we are at all.
However that doesn’t mean we don’t recognise our value or ability.
Just a little market research and a look at our reviews should have anyone sat on the fence convinced that we offer fantastic value for what we provide and the professionals we are!
  • Those who wish to pay peanuts will get monkeys, but those who want their child(ren) to have a super time with bubbly, caring, creative and energetic professionals - get JingJangJooJong! Also – NHS discount available if you have an NHS deals card! Visit The NHS Discount Programme