Wahoo! We have a newbie!

I threw my 5 year old a party and survived! Here’s how I did it
March 10, 2017
Fairy Liquid = Jackanory 😜
November 27, 2017

A big fat JJJJ welcome to Caroline (pending stage-name, lol)! 

Caroline is part-human part-loon, and a fantastic addition to our awesome team!

Like the rest of us at JingJangJooJong, Caroline is a big kid, also a mum, and has found her true vocation – entertaining at children’s parties! Like myself (Joy) she also gets incredibly excited at the opportunity to dress up!

Caroline provides the same fab children’s party programme as Joy/Fairy Liquid and Stephtacular, but also does princess pop-ins and princess parties – as Beauty* – you know – that Princess in the yellow dress (any similarity to the movie franchise is coincidental) and can do the WHOLE party as that character (because Beauty has TWO dresses – one practical and one completely impractical but gorgeous!)

What’s equally attractive is that Caroline is available until October at an INTRODUCTORY RATE!
Get in touch for more information! This super deal won’t last forever!


*photos coming v soon!

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