The Holy Grail of beginners balloons!

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February 8, 2018
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November 26, 2018

Have you ever watched Zoolander? The baddy is the inventor of the piano key neck tie. ‘Do you have any idea who I am?’ he asks, ‘I invented the piano key tie!’

I feel I am too like him in that I have come up with two winning balloon models for beginners – the one-balloon balloon butterfly (this is so loved by so many girls, and some boys too) and a new sword-meets-gun – a hybrid of a laser gun and a sword!

The latter balloon hasn’t taken off in popularity yet but I’ve only just started using it myself, and I’ve only just uploaded it to the JingJangJooJong YouTube channel for my wonderful, far-flung audience to behold and start using (well, I’m sticking to that excuse anyway!)

Here it is below, should you be a budding enthusiast. All hail to the wonderful ballooners out there who come up with awesome designs. You blow my brains with your creativity and skill. And hi five too, to all the people out there who are maybe novices at balloon-modelling, or like me, also a bit savvy when it comes to generic crowdpleasers!

Enjoy! PS – let me know either on this page or on the video’s comments where you are so I can say hi!

Fairy Liquid

PS Here are some more – two balloon bunnies – great balloons for Easter parties. I really like the second balloon as it’s so much cuter than the former!

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