Party Themes

Most kids have a pretty good idea of what theme they would like but here are some suggestions.

All parties are suitable for girls and boys (unless specifically stated) and contain the usual party favourites.

Our party themes

Birthday Bash Party (not themed)

Don’t forget that you don’t HAVE to have a theme if you don’t want one – it will still be lots of fun!

Our entertainers cram 2 hours full with all sorts of games and activities, magic and ballooning.

Pirates (and Mermaids) Party

Avast me hearties! and get ready to hoist the anchor… This is one of our most popular paaaaaarties and Joy’s personal favourite! Includes treasure hunt, pirate training, parrot and all your fave tradish games themed in.

More details on booking! Can also be combined with Neverland/Peter Pan/Mermaid theme.

We recommend that if you’re after a more princessey party (with lots of Disney reference etc and less 'matey-pie') you choose the princess and heroes theme

Heroes and Princesses / Fairytale Party

Allow us to mentor your young wards to become fully-fledged crime-fighting* upstanding guardians of the people and train the princesses to lead confidently! (* Crime-fighting as opposed to violent, naturally!)

Depending on the gender of the child, we change the emphasis and adventure slightly and sometimes the character of the entertainer – nice twist. If the birthday child is a girl, there is a lot more princess reference made but still suitable for boys. More details on booking!

Dance Party

Tailor-made to suit the type of event and ages / gender of the guests, allow us to lead the way with a fun mini-disco party combining dance-offs, choreographed routines, musical games and all the old faves from The Fast Food Song to One Direction! Expect high energised interaction that will leave you gasping! This is a theme for a birthday boy/girl who loves to disco!

Star Wars Party

Let Princess Leia or Rae recruit and train the young Jedi's. So much fun for boys and girls alike, not to mention the dads! All the party favourites combined with the magic of a Jedi mind sweep!

Frozen Party

Lots of Frozen themed party games and music with the quintessential sing-along of that song! Suitable for boys and girls. If you just want a bit of reference to Frozen, that can be incorporated into the princesses and heroes theme!

Don’t forget to book our 'Winter Queen' and 'Winter Princess' for a character pop-in – we can’t emphasise how magical a surprise appearance makes!

Beauty and the Beast Party

Book Belle and have a ball! Belle attends dressed in her blue 'peasant' dress, making a surprise entrance halfway through tea dressed in her beautiful (live action-style) ballgown!

Suitable for boys and girls, and containing all the party favourites from games, pass the parcel, mini disco and magic, all the children are set to have a great time! Optional ballooning too :-D

Dinosaur Party

Go on an epic hunt for those elusive creatures! Creative, entertaining games, songs and activities complete with daft dino costume (click on 'gallery' to see the pic!) Of course it is always suitable for boys and girls, includes all the party favourites from games, pass the parcel, mini disco and magic, oh and ballooning of course!
Unicorn/ Rainbows/ Trolls Party
Featuring all the party favourites - unicorn style - from pass the parcel, musical statues, magic and so on, to themed games and fabulous unicorn balloon! Suitable for boys and girls. Optional unicorn glitter tattoos too!

Other themes

We have done a huge number of different themed children’s parties over the years from:

  • Cheerleaders v Ninja parties
  • Dr Who
  • Star Wars and space parties
  • Toy story/Disney – with appearances as Fizz Lightyear (Buzz’s female cousin)
  • Mr Men parties
  • Minecraft
  • Balloon workshops
  • Knights and Maidens/Robin Hood party
  • Cowboy / Wild West party
  • Teddy Bears Picnic party
  • Boys rule/girls drool – Horrid Henry party
  • Football party
  • Girl’s only ‘Princess in training’

If you’d like a party not listed above, we can either make reference to your theme (e.g mentioning LOL Dolls, Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig etc) – this option is free of charge. However, if you’d like a fully-thought-through theme, with all games and activities as far as possible tying in with the theme, this starts at just £25 extra. We can of course quote for extra props, costumes etc that need to be brought in, should you wish. Our creativity is pretty expansive, you decide on the budget!