I threw my 5 year old a party and survived! Here’s how I did it

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November 29, 2016
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June 12, 2017

My youngest girl turned 5 recently and, like many parents I was more excited than her about planning her birthday party (if that were possible, lol; she was super hyped!)


This year however I did things slightly differently! Instead of trying to decorate, cater for, host AND entertain the children ALL myself #areyouserious, I did the following:


  1. Paid for Jo at Caked Up to cater for the event;
  2. Booked Stephtacular to entertain the children!
  3. Delegated certain tasks from bunting hanging to tea and coffee duties to my better half;

I was originally going to have the cake made too, but my friend who was doing it had to cancel, WHICH I was actually quite happy with because I LOVE making birthday cakes – making my children birthday cakes is my only outlet of artistic creativity of this kind – and also has side benefits such as bowl licking! (You can see my effort of a troll cake, lol, on facebook – look for the photos of the party food and zoom in on the cake. Evidence for why I personally am not a cake maker!)


(Also it has to be said, that budget permitting, I’d have got an event company to beautify the place and decorate it, plus maybe add a few other extras like facepainting. And held it a more fancy hall with a cleaner floor 😆 Maybe next year if my husband gets a pay rise lol.)


Stephtacular was every bit as brilliant as her name suggests. None of the children knew her but they all joined in from start to finish (with the exception of two shy children who could not be prised off their mums’ laps for love nor money – but that’s always going to be the case) and they all ate out of her hand the entire 2 hours. (I personally found it fascinating watching Steph, as of course I do kids’ parties too – so it’s lovely to see her approach and although I also am ace (winking emoticon!) we are quite different and I learned a lot!)


There was WAY too much food, lol. Based on what I spent last year on my daughter’s 4th birthday food, it only worked out a little more expensive for Jo to cater and saved me a TON of time, mess and stress. (Last year my husband said I was on no account to EVER do the catering again – the cost of it would far outweigh the stress and abuse he received from me, haha.)


I was still busy on the day, but tbh, even if you book a party in hotel for example, as the main organiser, you are still overseeing each aspect of the event – so are not idle by any means; the hostess (or host) with the mostess, schmoosing the guests and facilitating the proceedings.

So, if you’re like me and NOT a domestic goddess in the kitchen (I can’t hold a conversation and make a sandwich at the same time no matter how hard I try!) I encourage you to take my advice. Alternatively hold the party in your own home, then the set up and clean up is WAY less rushed! Or if you have lots of local friends and family (my family live 200 miles away – boo), get them involved – they LOVE it!


I salute all party mums (and dads, and nans) out there, for your selfless, creative and tireless (sort of) party brilliance put on for your little treasures. May you receive kudos and appreciation from all who partake, and if it goes above their heads – it never goes below my radar! Well done!


Joy (Fairy Liquid)

Mum and Children’s Entertainer

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